These 3 players needed at Arsenal

We beat Leicester at the Emirates, then we lost to Stoke away.

Its not the start we had hoped for after investing in Lacazette and Kolasinac.

But let’s face it, we still have problems that Wenger has resolved never to resolve.

He has decided to always be short of something, so that he will always have an excuse for his failures.

At this point, we can’t even be sure that given a better squad, he will win the league because he deliberately doesnt want to be put in that position where he will have no excuse for failing.

we have had enough of Wenger! That said, I will go ahead to mention the names of three players we can realistically buy, who will ensure if bought, that there is no more excuse for Wenger to fail, just like there is no excuse for Mourinho, or Pep to fail this season.

1. Virgil Van Dijk (CB): 

3-5-2 is  a wonderfully fluid formation. it provides numerous tactical posibilities, and is notoriously difficult to play against. if you must use it, then you must use three center-backs in the CB positions. You need 5 or 6 center-backs, because of injuries, and form issues. we have 5 in Kos, Chambers, Holding, Mustafi, and Mertesacker. Gabriel is gone. We need Vandijk to slot in along side Koscielny and Mustafi, with the other three as back up.

*Kolasinac should never play in CB again. He is too good a wing back to be wasted in that way.

2. Steven Nzonzi (DM):

A very realistic target. We saw him at the Emirates cup where he bossed the entire game. He is the perfect compliment to a Xhaka who can’t defend. Unfortunately, this will see Ramsey become an impact sub, but it’s a long season, and having the three of them competing for two spots is a very desirable situation. Cazorla is still not fit and we can’t predict when he will be ready for first team action.

*Sell wilshere

3. Thomas Lemar: I think we are good in attack if we can keep Sanchez. But we need a fast, skillful and powerful Winger. Lemar is all that + a bag of chips. He’s also young and hungry. he’ll do well if we can get him. 

*Sell Welbeck- fast, powerful, but can’t score for his life’s sake

*Start Giroud and Lacazette some times, especially away against teams like Stoke.

















Arsenal 1-5 Bayern: suspicious officiating should be investigated!!!

i may not have read the fifa rule book from cover to cover but im simply going to say what i know and have known since i started watching football twenty-something years ago.

I have never once seen in my life, a referee give a yellow card and back away, only to be summoned miutes later by the fourth official, who then told the ref; “look its a red card” so the ref does the ‘right’ thing and goes back on his decision, and issues a red instead. right?, right?, WRONG!!!. thats the most pathetic thing UEFA have come up with in their many years of pathetic pathetism.

thats not even a word, which is so not the point. The point is that this piece of officiating has to go down in history as the most pointedly ‘match fixing’ decision of all time. UEFA and FIFA are notorious for match fixing and its not about Platini or Blatter or whoever is at the helm, its a virus that has permeated the system and will never be eradicated cos it has no cure.

this is not a ramble, or outburst, or conspiracy theory, which is why i will not resort  to citing other examples; this example is all encompassing as far as i am concerned to proove the fraud that is UEFA. But who is listening when everyone is in on it. There is an occassional scapegoat of course for when things get messy, but in the cold light of day, football fans have to tell themselves the sad, painful, unacceptable, even impossible truth: football is not free and fair.

 The betting companies must survive; the people at the helm must enrich themselves; and these two things can never be left to CHANCE. its that simple. The betting industry is a BUSINESS, and like all businesses that thrive, it cant be left to CHANCE or LUCK. you dont run a business on luck.

its sad but last nightt, Arsenal was a casualty of the betting industry. Now im going to speculate here, and sound very childish and i dont care, but here’s;s my theory on wht we just saw;

Arsenal in the past 6 years or more have lost stupidly in the first leg of UCL round of 16 games. but we always win the 2nd leg… so most bets tonight had to be Arsenal win or draw.

UEFA and ‘BIG BET’ had other ideas. Bayern win 5-1 again. who would think of that. so Arsenal was amazing in the first half and could have been leading 3-0 before the interval, so obviously Bayern needed help… BAM! Koscielny Red card. Funny enough, the decision was made by the same 4th official that clearly saw Walcott fouled in the box, but turned a blind eye on that occassion instead of rightly calling on the ref to give a penalty.
ill stop here for no apparent reason. im just tired.

by the way, we were fantastic in the first half; Arsenal can play FOOTBALL. I DONT KNOW WHATS WRONG EXACTLY so ill just do what everyone else is doing and blame the manager…

GERROOUT of my blog!!!

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