Monday Outburst!!!

Above is an image of the scorelines against chelsea. That is the only purpose of that image- to show you the scoreline. Take it or leave it.

​We are effectively out of the title race and that’s terrible really but what did we expect, it’s Arsenal. We are fragile, the manager is fragile, the players are fragile and we have Ozil, who is very fragile, and that is not to say that he is to blame for everything but he’s really really poor right now and for a player demanding so much from his new contract, he really shouldn’t be. So we know what happens next.

 We’re going to face Bayern Munich in the Champions League and of course they will knock us out- expect nothing good out of that game so you don’t get hurt further.

 I know some people expect that some kind of Miracle can happen and we qualify and some people will say that it’s too early to call the game and anything can happen in football, but that’s just it; With Arsenal, it’s so predictable.

 You just know that we are going to lose and probably in embarrassing fashion too. And it’s really sad. So there’s really nothing to look forward to anymore this season from an Arsenal perspective.

 it’s just going to be the same old thing. After we are knocked out of the UCL, we go on a meaningless 7 game winning streak, secure 4h place and maybe we will have a cup run, get to the semis or maybe the finals, and all of a sudden everyone is happy at the club, because we are making money and qualifying for the UCL. Wenger gets a new contract, Alexis leaves in the summer for 20 million pounds, Ozil runs his contract down and leaves(Repeat for another 10 years, with different players, same Manager.)

It’s sad.

Listen people, Arsene Wenger was a great manager but he is done. He can’t keep up with modern day football, and modern day coaching antics. There’s a lot of tactics in it these days where you see top managers making little tweaks here and there depending on the opposition. 

Starting Giroud and Ramsey against Watford, after an incredible midweek performance from the Ox and Perez was a crime. I mean, those two deserved a start. Not to mention Welbeck. And then the utter collapse at Chelsea, which was predictable. And the inevitable destruction awaiting us in the UCL.

It’s sad. I’m sad but I love Arsenal and I’m a gooner for life… that’s for sure.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about Arsene Wenger… This post is already long enough.



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