You can get Coque… I mean Cocky ahead of Middlesbrough tie



Good morning Gooners… Today is Friday which means that we are just a day away from our game against Middlesbrough. The games are coming thick and fast now, and the need for rotation, and keeping players from becoming fatigued is more pressing than usual.

It’s what the managers are paid for however and so the fans must trust Wenger to get it right… He’s really done well so far this season, and maybe the fact that the club are not in a hurry to offer him a new contract has contributed to that. He seems hungrier than ever to win something.

The press conference ahead of tomorrow’s game is LIVE at the moment and a breakdown of the major points will be available to you later on civilizedgunner.

Our excellent form that has seen us win all of our last 7 games in all competitions could be a good thing and a bad thing.

We all know why it’s good, but it can be bad as well when the players become cocky and feel they just have to show up to certain games to win.

The manager is aware of this possibility and that’s why he said this after the Ludogorets game:

“Our confidence is stronger with every win, but we have to keep the vigilance as well, and the urgency to bring that into the next game,” the Frenchman added.

“Let’s not be too quick on the verdict [after a big win]. We have a strong squad and a strong spirit, but you have to take care of it and keep your feet on the ground.

“The only way to win something big is to focus on the next [match] and work on humility.”

Middlesbrough tomorrow represents exactly that challenge of a game where you need to keep your humility, but at the same time let your confidence shine through.

Another 3 points, a beautiful performanceand a clean sheet is just what the doctor is ordering.

Team news, and other updates later… I have a Surgery test to take this morning so wish me luck… I can’t get Arsenal out of my head…





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