Mourinho is parking a 300 million pound bus in Anfield + Pre-Ludogorets press conference in a bit.




Morning folks… so I watched the Liverpool vs Manchester United game yesterday simply because I thought it would be as exciting as ours against them this season was… but I was wholly disappointed.

Mourinho, ‘the specialist in failure’ took a 300 million pound team to war believing they would lose if they ventured out of their own half for more than 10 seconds at a time… It was really terrible, especially in the second half when Ibrahimovic received a pass on the half way line and was forced to pass it backwards because there was no Manchester player ahead of him or venturing forward.

Pogba tried to do his best Xhaka impression but fired way over from distance, and Herrera was obviously the only bright spot in a dark night for Manchester United.

The game ended in a draw, but Liverpool dominated from beginning to end…

And even though Liverpool defeated us 4-3, there was no such domination, and I’m sure they only won that game because of the inexperience of our back line that day… Remember it was Chambers and Holding starting in center back… Had it been Kostafi, I think there would have been a very different outcome…

Moving on to Arsenal stuff…

I suppose we are all waiting for some hints on the kind of squad Arsene will play against Ludogorets tomorrow and most fans expect some heavy rotation but I take a more pragmatic view. Wenger is a different manager this season. It’s as if the energy of this current squad and it’s massive potential has in turn energised him.

To that effect, I see him going with pretty much the same team because he wants to win first above all this season. Some players actually looked pretty jaded towards the end of the Swansea game, notably Sanchez and Koscielny, so the manager might give them a rest. Ospina comes straight into the squad as well because he is the champions league GK this season.

Elneny and Chamberlain must also be in the manager’ thoughts but I don’t see him making more than 4 changes to the squad that beat Swansea.

We will have to wait till after the press conference later today at 12:00 GMT to get a better idea of how he plans to set up tomorrow.

Click here for info on how to watch the press conference LIVE, but civilizedgunner will be bringing you a full transcript as soon as possible.

That’s all for now, and have a profitable day.


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