What Twitter is saying about Arsenal vs Swansea: Top 10






  1. It wouldn’t be an Arsenal win without some harsh criticism from BBC Match of the day on why we failed to drink enough water before playing the game, or some other shit like that. Seriously, why do Arsenal fans still watch this biased nonsense?



2. It’s very difficult to not enjoy yesterday, but i am sure some people found a way …  As for me, im hungover right now.



3. Something from the official Arsenal twitter account.



4. This gentleman is trying not to get carried away so he has settled for a respectable treble. lol



5. You think??? Yes Theo… You certainly should have gotten more than two today… but we still love you



6. I can’t help falling in love with Iwobi (To the tune of UB40)



7. So glad Mesut got a birthday present for himself. Beautiful goal indeed!!!



8. you didn’t know this…



9. After one win in our last 5 meetings against Swansea, this one was very important. Jynx broken.



10. And how could the day be complete without some Spurs banter?




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