Arsenal vs Everton post match thoughts






The general feel of things at the moment is one of serenity.

Arsenal twitter, arsenal facebook, gooners every where have only the nicest things to say about the team, Arsene wenger, and surprise surprise, Mesut Ozil. And why shouldnt they after the run of form we’ve been on that sees us finish Saturday top of the league. 

After the game, Wenger was asked if he thought Arsenal would be 1st after ten games and he said:

I thought after 10 games, no. Honestly. I thought it would take much longer because Manchester City started with five wins so it was difficult to envisage that we would come back but we had no choice. 

You wouldn’t blame him for thinking that, we all thought the same thing. What’s interesting is that Manchester City are now not looking as invincible as people thought they were at the beginning of the season, and Arsenal in fact remain the best team in the premier league by way of points accrued since January 2015.

Arsenal scored two goals within 3 minutes, both of which were headers. Giroud pointed forwards for Mesut Ozil as the latter caressed the ball gently, looking for openings in the Everton defense. He whipped in a delicious cross exactly into the spot the Big striker had pointed in, and a perfect header from Giroud saw Tim Howard flailing.

Moments later, Cazorla’s perfect free kick met the head of Koscielny for 2-0.

Arsenal were in cruise control at that point and only a lucky deflection of Barkley’s attempt by Gabriel gave Everton a lifeline. 

In injury time, Lukaku looked like he had a chance to salvage a point for the toffees, but Gabriel made the tackle of probably the season so far. A tackle he celebrated with a huge fist pump,just as i got up from my seat to celebrate it as well.

The desire and commitment was evident, and with this kind of energy, and enthusiasm, there is no wonder why Arsenal are currently top of the Barclays Premier league, pending the result of the Manchester derby.

Giroud and Ozil were amazing yesterday and it’s really difficult to pick between them, who the man of the match is. The Fa picked Giroud on the day, while Arsenal fans picked Ozil on the official site. I pick Ozil as well, but i thought Giroud was fantastic and faultless. It is a testimony of how good Ozil was, that Giroud’s perfect display was probably only bettered by his.

Arsene Wenger waxed lyrical about the world cup winner after the game:

He is a top-class player, honestly. I think rather than talking about him I would rather watch him play again. If you love to watch football, you love to watch Ozil.

Giroud also talked about how he and Ozil seem to have forged a partnership.

And so we have a perfect week. I will watch the Manchester derby later today with no expectations or preferences. May the best team win. 


And it would just be wrong to finish this post without a word on Mourinho and Chelsea. I love the fact that they are piling pressure on Sunderland at the bottom of the table. Long may it continue.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. COYG!!!







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