Pre-Chelsea Bullets. Arsene says…

 wenger press
1. History is against us:
Arsene says:
I don’t deny that history is against us with Chelsea. The thing about top teams is that they make history and they change history.
Civilized Gunner says:
Time for law of averages to work its magic.
We are due a win.
2. Welbeck is in form:
Arsene says:
His link play with other players and the quality of his first touch is something that I like. He has good, quick feet,” the Frenchman said. “It was obvious for the first time in Switzerland [with England] but the quality of his finishing is good.
Civilized Gunner says:
If Danny can cause Chelsea’s defense problems on Sunday, then we’ll know for sure that we have a star on our hands. That said, let expectations not exceed wisdom and common sense.
3. it’s not about Cesc:
Arsene says:
I personally love Cesc as a player and a person because I got him here at a very young age,” he said. “You will always have very fond memories when you have educated a boy like that and have given him the chance. “I think he is a great player but what we want is to beat Chelsea, not to beat Cesc Fabregas. The most important thing is that we have a good team performance on Sunday.

Civilized Gunner says:

It’s not about Cesc.

4. We’re still unbeaten in the league:

Arsene says:

We’re the two unbeaten teams in the Premier League and Chelsea have one advantage on us because they have more wins.

Civilized Gunner says:

Let’s give them their first defeat. It’s an uphill task considering Chelsea’s form at the bridge under Mourinho, but still, anything can happen.

And Finally,

5. We’re fighting for it:

Wenger says:

They are the team to chase because they are top of the league at the moment. They will be one of the teams who will go for the Premier League title this season and we want to be one of them as well. That’s why the confrontation on Sunday will be so important.

Civilized Gunner says:

Can we really win the league this season?

Perhaps, but not with how we are currently playing. We are very weak at set pieces both offensively and defensively and our DM problem must be solved in January. That said, the Chelsea game should be an important indicator of how far we can go. Flamini has to be ready to leave it all on the pitch, except a red card.



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