Galatasaray Get smashed in preparation for Sunday

We beat the Turkish side 4-1 yesterday in a game that really could have ended by a wider margin, but a 2nd half red card to Szcesny for an unnecessary rush of adrenaline in the box, meant that the visitors were presented with a penalty and Ospina was sent the wrong way.
Santi had a chance to make it 5-1 in the end, but his lob was a tad to slow and their defender managed to clear.
We set the tone for the game very early on, and dominated it with very effective passing and movement.
Our speed caused them an untold number of problems and Prandelli’s decision to play Felipe Melo in defence was exposed for its utter stupidity time and time again.
That can not however take anything away from the stormer of a performance that Danny Welbeck had.
He was ‘electric’ to borrow a word from an elated Arsene Wenger, and his speed and agility proved too much for the Turks as he slotted home, not once, not twice, but three times to record the first hatrick of his senior career. Let’s have more of that I say.
Arsene raved on about Welbeck :
he’s a good finisher. I believe that, technically, he’s very sound. That was a surprise that he’s technically clean and that he’s a good passer of the ball. I didn’t know he was so quick. Honestly, I knew he was quick but he can be electric when he starts – he has great pace.
I truly think he won many of the doubters over with that performance. He’s been working very hard since he arrived. His attitude is top class and in terms of all round contribution( both to defence and attack) he is probably second only to Ramsey. He certainly runs for 90 minutes.
Defensive midfield remains a problem in my opinion and it’s sad that we can do nothing about it till January at least. Flamini was not bothered in the first half, but you could see that when Galatasaray finally found their footing in the 2nd following the red card, Flamini could do little to prevent them working out chance after chance. They all but strolled past him in midfield and Ospina really did make some good saves to prevent them cutting down the deficit further
Chambers had another good performance and Santi deserves a mention as well. He was simply sublime to watch.
Rosicky got about 15 minutes and showed why we love him so much upping the tempo and swinging the balance of things slightly to our side once more.
Let’s hope we can carry on in this fashion against tougher opposition and Chelsea at the bridge is as tough as it gets.
Bye for now.

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