Community shield, Vemaelen + Na$ri rant





It felt like the start of the new season would never come for me, and while it’s still a week away, i think we will get some quality viewing today by way of the Community Shield.

As much as it’s not much more than a glorified friendly, the two teams will want to win it, so trust me when i say that this one is going to be like a premier league game more or less.

There’s not much to say other than hazard a guess at the starting line-up. The boss will want to field his strongest available team, to win, as well as to see how ready they are for the start of the new season.

That said, he’ll want to avoid injuries, since this game really doesn’t hold much significance other  than bragging rights. I suspect Giroud may not yet be ready from a fitness point of view, which means that Alexis, yes alexis will probably start in the central striking position. And as much as Arsene has been talking about Wilshere recently, I cant see him starting ahead of Ramsey; But perhaps they can play together in something that looks like this:


Debuchy           Chambers          Koscielny            Gibbs


Ramsey                 Wilshere

Campbell                  Sanchez                      Cazorla


Wilshere’s best work comes from a deeper role, but a run out in the Ozil role today should tell us more of his capabilities.

I think he’ll come good though. I stuck by Ramsey when everyone else deemed him a failure, and now i’ll stick by Wilshere. lets not forget who is managing these boys. If Wenger can’t turn it around for him, then no one can.

In other news, Vermaelen has joined FC Barcelona. I must commend the club for the amount of money they got for him (16 million pounds), considering he hasn’t really featured for the better part of two seasons. now we have to re-invest and hopefully, we can get someone that can perhaps even force Mertesacker out of the first team. Hummels anyone???


Nasri is a child that will never grow up. I dont even want to quote him on this blog but i did have a few choice words for him on twitter:



He really should forget about Arsenal fans and sort out his dysfunctional life. He fights and quarrels with everyone he can lay his greedy little eyes on, and some how, its our fault? SICK!!!

CLICK HERE if you don’t know what he said.


That’s all for today.





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