EXCLUSIVE: Alexander Song’s now a prayer warrior


Update: this is a joke and never really happened, but my word, I thought that was completely obvious. Unfortunately some fans are taking it very seriously via the comments section. I repeat, it’s a JOKE!!!

i hope u are now happy according 2 your team’s performance.

i have written this letter along with my only colleague at barca, FABREGAS.

we sit at the bench and remember the golden memories when fans could almost riot when we were left at the bench but now, it has even become a miracle 2 sit on barca’s bench.

4 fabregas,i think he is somehow ok becoz in a while,he will be given a match 2 play.
whenever i look at my smart phone,i remember the message it displayed 4rm barca’s president promising heaven if i join his team,he also assured me of playing 95%of the matches.

i remember after reading that message,i started imagining myself in a barca jersey until when i was signed but my life has never been the same again.

I guess I should have heeded my name sake’s warnings, In the person of Alexander Hleb who told me before hand that it would be like this.

Remember the parable of a son who left his father and then sought 2 return and work as a maid, even me, please buy me, even if u will be giving me £500 per week, i’m ready.

Jesus also said that we should 4give one another.
Like lucky dube’s song, please, REMEMBER ME and the assists i used 2 give to v.persie.

Secondly,flamini needs a helper,i want 2 help him.
Am also praying that u win chealsea over the weekend ,am really praying 4 u.


Thats the letter folks… A bit erratic and error ridden, but then again, what did you expect. We’re talking about a man that surely knew he was trading in a lot of love and respect at one club for a place on the bench at another. Not very smart.

But here’s the question I would love you to answer:
Should the manager leave the decision to the fans, would you have Alex Song back and why???



10 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Alexander Song’s now a prayer warrior”

  1. Wenger should pls forgive him cozs we really need him just like he saif flamini needs a helper,we will be happy 2 see him in arsenal jersey again…….up gunners

  2. Its not bad to have hm back bcoz now Arsenal midfielders are injured so he wil help our team also and he already regret so I dnt see the reason to leave him he is human and we knw tht we are not perfect.

    1. I’m disappointed that you would take this so serious. It’s obviously a joke. That said, sorry for the mix up. Sometimes I forget that not everyone has a sense of humor

  3. Interesting joke, the truth be said flamini needs support coz Arteta is getting older & I think he wd cover that area well with flamini, besides the team wd have midfielders get rested during rotation

    1. Interesting point Katono, but is Song the kind of DM we need at the moment.
      I personally see Arteta staying and of course Flamini’s contract expires at the end of the season. If it were up to me, Flamini has done well but I would go for a more refined box to box DM. Pogma would be great if we can get him. Xavier Alonso would also be fantastic, but I guess Song would do if we are unable to secure any of thes players. One thing is for sure, his time at Barcelona has not improved him, if anything, he’ll be less sure of himself and less confident.

  4. Wenger should pls sign him back cause we need him more than van parsie wenger should forgive him and have him back RVP should not come back cause his a betrayer he even make jest of us when we won trophy now that he will no longer play in champions league he want to leave them and come back to us we don’t need him but we need SONG.pls pls and pls wenger sign song back he can help arteta flamini out

  5. To me song is a good player and has confidence when in the field. Pliz wenger it is nice if you can sign him back.song did not listen to alexander hleb,this is a lesson to him.

  6. Hhmm…. I really missed a player like Song…… Especially after watch Arteta running out of position in d Tottenham game……. I hope Wenger can do Arsenal fans d favour of bringing Song back….. So far, He doesn’t have a replacement n we need him back instead of a replacement.

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