Stoke vs Arsenal preview + The Deadly Tetrad


Stoke City vs Arsenal

Britannia stadium

15:00 GMT.
That’s 4:00 pm Nigerian time.

So comes a major challenge against the most troll-like bunch you will ever come across. They literally snap human bones as a pass-time, and then cry about it and become the victims when people rightly criticize their actions.

They don’t stop there, they also taunt their prey even 4 years after snapping its bone, because their prey survived, and became a better everything that they will never be.

Their name is STOKE… But you already knew this didn’t you.

This game may be pivotal to our title challenge just like every other game is, because every Game is 3 points, but still some are more important than others, because some victories are more rousing and more inspiring than others.

We go to Stoke having thrashed Sunderland 4-1 last week.

After Stoke comes the deadly tetrad of games that we should honestly be weary of; Spurs, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Everton.
Of these four, only one is a home game.

The silver lining is that our last five games of the season after this deadly tetrad, will all be against the kind of teams we have been winning quite easily throughout the season. And my firm belief is that if we can come out of that deadly tetrad with no more than 3 points away from the top, then we win the league.

We are definitely in with a chance as It stands, and whoever says we aren’t is completely biased and myopic.

In terms of team news, we may have neither Gibbs nor Monreal available at left back, which means Wenger will have a tough choice to make between playing Vermaelen, Sagna, or Falmini there. These are the kind of choices that should earn a coach his paycheck.
Mesut Özil returns to the team after recovering form his ‘dead leg’ and everyone else available last week is available this week.

Hat-tip to the away fans making the trip to Mordor. Can’t be their preference but needs must.

All the way from Naija, COYG!!!


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