We can’t understand, but we can hope


Like most people, I take strong exception to the events of Saturday.
Yes, we were hammered by Liverpool in very embarrassing fashion, and there is no reasonable explanation for such an event.

It’s easy to watch that game and lose hope, but when there is no hope, then there is nothing left.

I watched that game to the very end as did most of the away fans, and I have watched it over and over again, refusing to shy away, or block out the reality of what happened, as I have no doubt many would love to do.

I’m no tactician, and the closest I have come to managing a football team is on FIFA 14, so I hope you would forgive me when I confess that if you’re searching for answers, you have come to the wrong place.
I have my opinions as do most people, but I have neither the experience nor the expertise to sit here and tell Arsene Wenger what he should or should not had done.
That said, I did have some issues with the starting lineup when I first saw it, but that’s all in the past now for me.

What I can offer to you my dear reader, is HOPE.

Hope for the future is a wonderful thing that keeps us going even when we would rather stop.
That slight chance that it could all work out in the end is ever present

Take for instance when we lost 6-3 to Man city, we bounced back in emphatic fashion, taking 20 points from a possible 24 before falling to Liverpool. An 8 match unbeaten streak in the premiership is not something that luck brings.
Being in the first position for most of the season is also not the result of a lucky break.
It’s a sign of consistency. We may not be the best team in the premiership, let’s face it, but we sure as hell are giving it all we’ve got, and we’re doing well so far.

We are in second place and we face Manchester United on Wednesday.
There is no doubt in my mind that Wenger and the players know that we have to get rid of some old ghosts that have haunted us for too long.
We have beaten man Utd only once in the last ten games against them in the premier league, drawing 2 and losing a whooping 7.

If a morale boost is needed, then surely, defeating this perennial foe will bring it.

Now before you point the proverbial finger, looking for whom to blame, remember that we have been without our most prolific goal scorer, Theo Walcott. We are missing someone who potentially could have been player of the season if not for injuries, in Aaron Ramsey. Wilshere as well has had a stop and start season, and yet, we are in 2nd place.

Not bad if you compare us to the large squads possesses by Chelsea and Man city. In fact, I will say we are exceeding expectations, and I have no reason to be overly worried. And neither do you.

The so called ‘invincible’ Manchester City have lost to Chelsea at home, followed by a goalless draw against Norwich. They’ve now failed to score in two matches.
Chelsea may seem indestructible now, but give them a few games.

Above all else ladies and gentlemen, love your team. Keep your anger in check and support the club you love till the very end. There is little else we can do besides that.

Manchester United preview coming up tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “We can’t understand, but we can hope”

  1. The foremost reason why we lost the way we did is that we were 1-0 in the first minute ( offside ) and 2-0 in the 10th minute. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect this. We were shocked,lost our bearings for a few minutes during which time they scored twice more.Thats it. Before we could get out of the shock the game was over. Liverpool pressed well, credit to them but the game was lost in the first 10 minutes

    1. I agree with you venky, but here’s the thing. You would think that an experienced coach like Arsene would know how to prevent it from getting worse at 2-0. Truth be told, I didn’t see him trying to change anything, and I guess that has always been Arsene’s biggest fault. He’s too slow to change systems that don’t work and too reluctant to try new stuff. Sometimes, Arsenal is too predictable. We’ve seen us trying to win ugly of late though but Saturday brought back all the old ghosts. Hopefully we’ll set things right on Wednesday night. Thank you for your comment.

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