One of those difficult away days where you win and you would expect praise from all and sundry, but people are pouting, and being generally unpleasant suggesting that our first half was one of a team not capable of taking home a trophy this season.

There was little praise from the commentators, and the studio pundits which disgusted me, especially as they showered the same on Manchester United, who even went 2 goals down before staging their own comeback, but the red devils never looked safe, and Hull should really have equalized from the kind of chances they created.

The second half however, for me, was one of a team indeed capable of being in the mix for the premier league title till the very last day.
I’m not saying we will win it, I’m no prophet, but our ability to dispatch off the lower table sides, may well prove to be a deciding factor.

Liverpool’s unfair loss at the Etihad means that they will have to take points off Chelsea and I hope that happens.

We’re 1st in the league once more, and there is plenty good news that comes along with that.

First of all, Lukas Podolski is back and firing on all cylinders. The bad news is that he only came on due to an injury suffered by Aaron Ramsey.
Nobody will welcome such an injury, considering he has been our best player this season, but in retrospect, you can say that the Welsh man got injured due to fatigue.
His performances have been below par in our last 3 or 4 fixtures, and it looks like tiredness played a role in that, and this injury-a thigh strain- is proof of that.
People have been saying that he needs a rest but too little too late.
The manager in my opinion would do well to rest Ozil in the game against Newcastle, as signs of fatigue have began to show as well in the German playmaker. He hasn’t had a £42.5million game in a while.

The other good news is that Walcott is scoring again.
2 against Man city, and 2 against west ham.

He may have been somewhat quiet for the entirety of the match, but hey, as long as he scores two goals before it ends, put em there I say.

The last but not the least good news is that Santi Cazorla is gradually nearing his best form.
He didn’t score but he was my man of the match, as it was when he imposed himself on the game, that we suddenly had total domination.

He gave the incisive passes, dribbled through defenders, and was generally a terror in the final third for the duration of the second half.
Safe to say, his sudden coming alive, woke up the team as a whole, and I noticed that happened when he played more centrally, or perhaps it was a free role.
I feel it’s high time the manager stops playing his midfielders out of position.
Wilshere will be back for the Newcastle game, and I’m sure he will play well if the manager picks him in his preferred central role.

Finally, a further word on Lukas Podolski.
Its great to have him back. His enthusiasm and love for the game is genuine and fantastic… If we needed a morale boost at this point in the season, There was no better way it could have come than in the form of Lukas Podolski… Like a new signing… AHA!!!

Overall, it was a great victory. The manner was pulse-racing, but I guess the end justifies the means.
3 points, and top at boxing day.
Here we come, Sports Direct Arena.


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