Manchester city 6-3 Arenal: the positive side


If there is anything to take as a positive from yesterday’s defeat, then it is that we are the first premier league side to score three goals at the Etihad this season.

There is also the mundane fact that we are the first epl side to have two different players score at the Etihad this season.

Arsene said after the match that we could have scored 6, and I agree with him. Giroud had two good chances to score or set up a scoring opportunity.

The linesman made a wrong offside call on two occasions against us, the first of which would have certainly led to a goal.

There was also a very clear penalty claim turned down.

The fact is we created chances.

But all in all, is the score line a true reflection of the game? I think not.
Don’t get me wrong, City deserve to win… Their attacking play was far too clever for our defense to handle, and they also clearly won the midfield battle.
I however think, that the score line should be closer to 4-3 as we conceeded two if not three or four very soft and cheap goals.

Wilshere had a bad game and caused one goal to my knowledge. He was wrongly used on the left flank, for the first time I might add.

In retrospect, Cazorla should have started in his place, or if the boss wanted more cover for Monreal, then Rosicky it should have been.

The area of this game that really had a huge impact on me is the midfield battle.
The outcome has left me quite frightened that we are really not capable of beating city and Chelsea to the premier league title.

Fernandinho, Yaya Toure, Nasri and Silva made a midfield of Ozil, Wilshere, Flamini and Ramsey look ordinary…
It frightens me, because midfield is our purported strength, and until now many thought we had the best midfield in the premier league.
Now, it’s clear that we don’t.

Our blushes In the striking department have also been clearly exposed yet again as they were against United, and against Chelsea in the capital one cup.

Bendtner actually played well when he took the stage but the fact that he is your only option if Giroud is not firing is unfair to the team, and to the fans.

I don’t know where Wenger gets off thinking he can use just the one Olivier Giroud to win the premier league title, but for me, that’s not sensible, not reasonable, and most definitely, not possible.

I won’t say we need a striker in January because that’s an obvious fact, and now a cliche, but I guess I’ve kind of said it by not saying it, which is not what I intended to do.

This was supposed to be a positive post, but it’s turning out to be negative because there is nothing positive about losing the way we did and making Fernandinho man of the match in the process. We even gifted him his first and second premier league goal. That really sucks.

And I guess I dont know what else to say except that I have my own opinion on how the players rated, but this post is already too long. There will be a separate post later on for that.

To end on a positive note, it’s good to have Walcott back, and firing on all cylinders… Hopefully, he’ll take us over the finish line against chelsea… Too bad we pulled up with a cramp against Man city and didn’t finish the race barely 10 meters in.

I Love Arsenal, and you should too.


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