Manchester city vs Arsenal preview: belief is vital


Manchester city vs Arsenal

Etihad stadium

12:45 GMT
That’s 1:45 pm Nigerian time

When ex players say Arsene is the best conditioner of his players, it’s no joke.
It’s evident in the way he brings the best out of his players.

But not only that, also in the way he motivates them with his calming words in the face of uncertainty.

If there was a way to relieve the pressure the Arsenal players would be feeling prior to today’s game, then I think Wenger found it with these superb words:

“I don’t see why you should be scared. Let’s not forget,
as well, that if you are in City’s position and they lose,
then they are nine points behind, so they have more
negative pressure than we have. We have a positive
pressure that we can make a big difference with them. “Last season, when we went to Newcastle on the last day
and we absolutely had to win, if we [didn’t] win it would be
a disaster. Today we are in a position where we can look
much more at the game in a positive way. “There were clouds over the team with the possible elimination in Naples. We can focus completely on the
championship now.

He’s put a positive spin on things and I would like to see the players come out with a response. They have to leave the hand brakes at home and play their best game if they are to defeat Manchester city.
If the performance is anything like that at Manchester United, then we can expect a heavy defeat.

I’m not so confident about this game especially after our performance at Napoli, but like the blind lover I am, I wagered on us winning this game and now, I fully expect to lose that money.

That said, I wont be too disappointed if we lose today, neither will it mean we are not title contenders. I will only be disappointed if we don’t play well because it will mean that we lack belief.
We can’t have a bad performance every time we see a big team in the premier league. That will dent our confidence big time.

My preferred line up will be:


Jenkinson. Mertesacker. Koscielny. Monreal

Arteta. Wilshere. Ramsey. Cazorla. Ozil.


This is a game in which we need Ozil to be the difference. That’s why a huge amount of money was spent on a player of his calibre.
If he can be at his best then I believe that we will nick a victory.

Civilized prediction:
1-2 to the Arsenal.



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