Cardiff City vs Arsenal preview, thoughts on Ozil and Champions league


On the champion’s league,
It’s just crazy…

We’ve now amassed 12 points from five games in the champions league this season, winning all but one of those games and losing the one… we are perched on the number one spot in the group with a difference of three points between we, and the club in second place, yet, we have not qualified for the next round… that’s just crazy.

Things went the worst possible way in the group, when Dortmund beat Napoli, as expected… meaning that the last round of games will decide who qualifies, and who doesn’t.

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the numerous permutations and possibilities in this group, so I won’t indulge in that. I’m only interested in one thing, and that is Arsenal’s qualification to the next round. 
There is only one permutation that ensures that… AVOID DEFEAT IN

Now, Napoli are a decent side, and anything can happen in football, but considering what’s at stake, and arsenal’s record in the champions league, It’s safe to say that this is a very realistically achievable feat.
We should work with the assumption that Dortmund will beat Marseille, and also note that a draw in Naples is enough to win the group and avoid a potential horrible draw, not that there are any easy games.
Whatever happens, we’ll just have to wait.

On Mesut,
The truth is that when I’m with my family and friends, I’m the first to acknowledge the deficiencies in his game… so far, he has seemed a bit ordinary… but my friends call me Ozil for a reason and that’s because I love the sleek German, no matter what. My belief is that, expectations are too high at the moment, and people forget how the other German we’ve got at defence took his time to adapt to the English game.

My father asked me a funny question once: Are you sure that Ozil will not turn out to be another Arshavin?
I laughed… I couldn’t fathom where on earth that comparison was coming from. Well here’s what I have to tell you dad: if there was a sure way to get your team’s morale up… and you had to pay £42.5million for it, wouldn’t it be a wise investment?
And that’s just one of the things Mesut brings to this team… there was a mentality change that his signing brought… the morale boost was obvious… the team is much improved from last season, and it’s no coincidence.he makes the other players better, both mentally, and on the actual playing.

On that note, let’s talk briefly about today’s game,
We visit Cardiff city, full of confidence, on the back of two consecutive clean sheets against Southampton and then Marseille, and this game means something special to Aaron Ramsey in particular.

Wenger says the Welsh man will be amazing today, and I think so as well. He also says that Cardiff fans booing Aaron today will only fuel him further, and they should avoid that.

Team news:

Gibbs is back from his sick leave against Marseille, and as such should slot in at left back.
The boss also has some choices to make in midfield as Walcott may be a strong contender for a start.
There is also Cazorla who was rested in midweek to consider.
Wilshere is also in the contention after his man of the match performance in midweek, and of course, Ramsey is our form player of the season. This is a conundrum for the manager I guess, but a good one.

I personally would like to see,

Sagna      Mertesacker   Koscielny              Gibbs

Arteta      Wilshere     Ramsey                       Cazorla        Ozil

I do wonder at times if our midfielders get in the way of each other, reducing their efficacy, but that’s an analysis for another day.
And on that note, I’ll end this long post.
Three points is all we want, but a tiki-taka performance is very much welcome.


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