Arsenal 4-1 Norwich City: Civilized player ratings + THE GREATEST GOAL THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN (TGGTWHEK)


Here’s my assessment of how the arsenal players performed against Norwich.

Szczesny: 7/10
Didn’t have much to worry about as evidenced by Norwich’s 6 shots on target(a shot on target every 15minutes). Can’t really be faulted for the goal but I sincerely think the best goal keepers would have dealt with it. Still, he made one notable save in the first half.

Sagna: 7/10
I was rather disappointed with his crossing but solid defensive performance. No significant threat came from his side of the field.

Mertesacker: 7/10
Was solid at the back. Made that one poor clearance that led to the goal.

Koscielny: 7.5/10
Stable and dependable through out. Kosc the boss.

Gibbs: 8/10
Terrific again going forward and seems to be improving defensively as well. Made that one lung busting run to catch up with a Norwich player miles in Front of him. Not only that, but he also tackled and dispossessed said player.

Flamini: 7/10
Fought like a wounded lion till he was actually wounded and had to be replaced in the 37th minute. His pass accuracy of 94% shows just how pivotal he is to this team.

Arteta: 6/10
Still finding his feet as he gradually shakes off the injury that kept him out for some time. Kept things simple.

Cazorla: 6.5/10
First match back from injury. Definitely not at his best but still a joy to watch. Played a part in THE GREATEST GOAL THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN (TGGTWHEK)

Wilshere: 7 /10

Ozil: 8/10
Worked his magic all over the pitch. Scored two good goals and put in a defensive shift. Wenger will turn him into an unplayable footballer.

Giroud: 8.5/10
Arguably the man of the match but bettered by one other in my assessment. Got two assists, one of which was for THE GREATEST GOAL THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN (TGGTWHEK), a goal that history will never be able to disassociate him from, for his indispensable role in it.

Ramsey: 9/10
There he is. My man of the match. Came on in the 37th minute to score a goal that would have been THE GREATEST GOAL THE WORLD WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN (TGGTWHEK) if not for THE GREATEST GOAL THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN (TGGTWHEK). Played 4 shots, 3 on target, and gave 3 key passes, joint first in each of those stats. Also performed a Zidane like dribble. Class.

Bendtnar: 6/10
Looking fit again. Just has to build his confidence now.

Rosicky: 6/10
Was busy as usual.

It was a great game and if you didn’t see it, you wasted your weekend.

Word of advice:
Fear this Arsenal team.


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