Stability and Consistence key to arsenal SERGE


Running away with the premier league is how some have described it, and with arsenal having won a number of tricky away games already, and having defeated current second placers spurs, it’s not far fetched to believe that this may just be our year.
however, not being farfetched, and being reasonably debatable, are two entirely different things, and so for a club that has gone sooooooooo long without a trophy to be suddenly considered title contenders, there has to be a little more substantial evidence.
This is where STABILITY comes in. 
Of the top four clubs last season, only arsenal did not indulge in what is now known as the managerial merry go round.
this means that during a summer that was full of uncertainty for so many clubs and their managers, Arsenal and Arsène Wenger had the luxury of focusing entirely on the season ahead.

for Manchester United, the managerial change should have been seamless, but five games into the season, you begin to wonder if this could be their first season out of the top four since you can remember, with them currently lying, rather uncomfortably in 12th position. the problem at man u is not that Moyes is not good enough (to early to say that) but rather, I would say that the man has an impossibly large boot to fit his tiny little legs into. Whether you like Ferguson or not, he was a genius of a coach, but not only that, he also had the rare ability of bringing out the absolute best out of his players. that kind of skill can not be thought. and I’m not saying that Moyes doesn’t have it, he just hasn’t been able to impose his presence on his new team. everyone knew him at Everton, but he never really won anything, and I think his new players know that. that said, he has to give his team a reason to believe in their ability once again, or it’s going to be a very sad year on the red side of Manchester. remember it’s basically the same team that won the championship last year, with no major departures, but unfortunately for them, the other top five clubs have strengthened their squads remarkably.

Manchester City, despite losing ridiculously to a Bentekeless Aston Villa are for me the Club most likely to win the league this season. They were also affected by the managerial mayhem and player reshuffle, adding about 5 new players to their first team. It’s going to take some time but if they can blend, they may be quite a force to reckon with.

Tottenham, to be as objective about them as possible will probably make the top four this season, but I think the battle for that final champions league spot will be between them and Chelsea .
As good as Liverpool seem to be this season, I’m not convinced that they can go the distance, partly due to the fact that Henderson is complete poo, and partly due to the fact that I feel they lack the mentality to be champions.

Chelsea have the quality to be champions only in people’s minds.
Mourinho’s presence there, tricks people into believing that they are likely champions, but the truth is that the squad is full of over rated players.
From Willian, to Van Ginkel, all I see is lethargy in their squad.

From the brief summary, you can see that arsenal have the stability that all the others lack at the moment, and it may well prove to be the difference.

With a number of first team players out injured, arsenal have also shown that they actually have strength in depth. With the likes of youngsters Serge Gnabry emerging for us, its safe to say that the squad needs but one additional signing -a striker- to become truly ready for a dominating performance this season.


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