The INTERLULL is over


That is how I feel this morning.
Like a bird that has nothing to do but watch.


That means I can finally stop feeling like a bird, because Arsenal is back. Yippee.
As we gradually approach this weekend and some real football, its safe to say that every arsenal fan is interested in one thing, and one thing only:
As we await and anticipate this grand event, let us keep in mind that we may be disappointed or at the very least be made to wait till the second half before we see Mezut in action.
There will be a lot of time between now and Saturday to discuss the Sunderland game, so I won’t go into that now, but i want you all to bear in mind that I love OZIL. I also love the fact that OZIL plays for us now, and I love the temptation of envisioning Ozil, Santi, and Rosicky, playing in the same field at the same time.
On the latter, he picked up an injury in international duty and is now a doubt for the Sunderland game.
Reports suggest he may be out for as much as three Arsenal weeks but fingers crossed, it won’t get worse than that for the little Mozart.

That’s all for today, short and simple.

If you have a good memory, you will remember that I am a medical doctor in training and as such I have medical things to do most of the time, so forgive me for my straight to the point nature, if you think that’s a bad thing.

Smell ya later, time to help save lives.


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