Emirates stadium

16:00 GMT
4:00 pm Nigerian time

The big one is finally here, and what I would give for Wilshere to pick this occasion to rise to the occasion-(what’s this called in literature)-
List of things I would give:
-My lunch
-My iPad
– my season ticket( I don’t have one)
-many other things

Okay enough joking. Today is serious business, because we play our arch rivals, TOTTENHAM, and I honestly would love to see Wilshere find his best form and give them hell today.

I, like many others believe that this game will be won and lost in the midfield.
If that is the case, then I will say with absolute BIAS that Arsenal have the more skillful, more technical, and more productive midfield, after all, Ramsey has scored more goals this season in all competitions than spurs as a whole have scored in the premier league.

It’s going to be intense in the middle of the park, but it’s likely that the quick feet of Rosicky and Cazorla may be too much for Capoue and Paulinho to handle.
Walcott also has a big role to play in this game. He will be up against Danny Rose, and his pace could cause Rose genuine problems.

Up center, I don’t expect Giroud to have a particularly prolific game because of the quality of spurs central defenders, Vertonghen in particular. Giroud should try to be as annoying as possible to keep Vertonghen from foraging into the midfield and attack because the Belgian is very good at that. If Giroud can keep him quiet-(the irony of that is not lost on me)-then I’m sure the likes of Walcott, Ramsey, Cazorla, and even Rosicky could all have good chances to score.

For spurs, from an attacking point of view, I don’t think they are quite the finished article yet, so I stress once more that if we can ‘take’ the midfield from them, then we are very likely to win the game.

Probable Starting 11:


Sagna. Koscielny. Mertesacker. Gibbs

Ramsey. Wilshere. Rosicky.

Walcott. Giroud. Cazorla

Of course, there is a chance that Flamini could play today and if he starts, then one of Wilshere or Rosicky will be left out.

On the latter, Wenger said on Friday:

He is a fantastic player. He is one of those who turned our season around two years ago after a long term injury. And last season it was the same to.
Many times our results have been linked with his presence. Ha will have a big impact this season if he stays injury free, and it is important for me to use him in the right way.

That’s pretty much self explanatory, but let me add that Roza has been exceptional when he plays. His ability to turn defenders inside out, and his great understanding with Santi could be key to success this season.
He is deficient in one thing though, which is that he hardly scores.
Saying a 32 year old should add end product to his game is pretty much useless as I think at that age, the most important thing is to stay fit. I don’t think he will suddenly learn that as he nears his retirement age.


In the last two seasons, Arsenal have defeated spurs 5-2 in this fixture, having to come back on both occasions from losing positions.

This fixture has seen more goals than any in the history of the premier league with 124.

The last six meetings have yield a quarter of that figure.

I wouldn’t place a bet on there being up to seven goals today though, as so far, spurs are not as attacking and open as they were in seasons past.

The shape of the team has completely changed with the imminent departure of Gareth Bale, and purchase of several new players.

A tight 3-2 for the gunners who are yet to keep a clean sheet in the premier league this season.

And that’s it for today’s blog.
Of course, the FIRST HALF MATCH REPORT will be available seconds after the first half ends, followed by the SECOND HALF MATCH REPORT immediately after the second half.

Let me just catch up on some studying-(being a med student and all)- before the super sunday begins at noon with Liverpool vs Man Utd. I’ll be watching the games with a couple of friends, one a fellow gunner, and the other, an annoying man Utd fan that loves to hassle me and make fun of our transfer situation.

Enjoy your day, and here is to 3 points to the gunners and a 9-9 draw between Liverpool and Man Utd with 6 red cards in the game and a dozen injuries scattered everywhere.


Quotes and statistics culled from



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