Fulham vs Arsenal: first half match report

Giroud scored in the 15th minute courtesy of a shot-turn-pass from Aaron Ramsey. The HFB did well to control the shot, and convert the chance to put the gunners ahead. Arsenal had started the game brightly, playing some very attractive football. Fulham had a couple of dangerous moments but it was Arsenal that looked more threathening with Rosicky in particular giving some very incisive passes, with one falling to Theo Walcott, but Theo could only blast it against the keeper’s open body.
After the goal, Fulham looked to gradually take over the game, and only a great double save from Szezesny kept us ahead. Mistakes suddenly abound in defense but Fulham failed to make use of their possession.
Arsenal absorbed the pressure and gradually got their foot into the game again. We started passing well again, and then in the 41st minute, Theo tried a shot from the right side, the keeper could only punch, and the rebound fell to Podolski just on the edge of the box. The german played it one time and the ball was in the back of the net for 2-0. The rest of the half strolled by with Afc comfortable in possession and could have got a third, but Poldi was wasteful on the left wing.

In summary, Arsenal are passing Fulham to death, and are in control of the game.

2nd half coming up.


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