Arsenal transfer strategy, summer 2013


We know that Arsenal football club have over £70million at their disposal this summer ear marked for signings.

We know that Arsene Wenger is a great manager and is completely committed to making arsenal competitive again.

We know that, (according to Gazidis) Arsenal are nearing the £300million a year revenue mark.

We also know that, (again according to Gazidis) Arsene is not afraid to spend the money at his disposal this summer.

Knowing all this, most fans will agree that it is completely inexcusable for Arsenal to fail to make the squad as big and as healthy as possible this summer.

By big and healthy, I mean, to cut off all the dead wood, (already doing that) and sign a couple or more world class players that can immediately be utilized in the first team. Players that are better than those already at our disposal.

Now, some of the deadwood has been cleared as already mentioned, e.g Denilson(released), Arshavin(released), etc.

But what about the signings: so far, none.
But this is not the time to panic. The transfer window is not open yet. It opens on JULY 1st and closes on AUGUST 31st. What I’m saying is that all the panic on twitter is absolutely unnecessary.

Arsenal will sign quality players this summer without a doubt. We have no excuse not to.

The big question is how do we make judicious use of our transfer funds to get the players we need In the positions we need.

We’ve all heard of the numerous rumors linking us to all but John Terry.
Jovetic,Ashley Williams, Fellaini, Grenier, Sanogo, Rooney, Lewandowski, Higuain, Wanyama, Cesar, David Villa, etc. but to name a few.

We’ve been linked with all and sundry, but now, I will attempt to sort the truth from the chaff.

These are the most likely and reasonable targets:
Gk: Julio Cesar
Def: Ashley Williams,
Mid: Marouane Fellaini, Grenier
Att: Higuain, Villa.

I shall discuss Fellaini and Higuain, because I think of all the players listed above, it’s both of them that will have the biggest impact on Arsenal’s season, should we sign them this summer.

This is my favorite. Of all the players we have been reasonably linked to so far, I have to say that I have a good feeling that we will sign him. Not only that, but he will have a major positive impact at Arsenal next season. Some may argue that he may be a bit sluggish at times, but his versatility in midfield is a big advantage.
I want you to imagine the trio of Arteta, Fellaini, and Wilshere in Midfield.
While Arteta takes the back seat, and mops up after the defense, Fellaini will link play(something he is very good at), and also put in a powerful defensive shift(also very good at that).
This will free up Wilshere enough for him to do what he does best- drive at defenses, give incisive passes and so on.
I did not forget Cazorla. He will play on the left wing. A position I think he prefers to any other especially when given a free role there, to cut into the center and drift as he pleases.
Arteta and Fellaini’s positional discipline would compensate for any loop holes created by Cazorla’s drifting.
I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but with training, this would be a great template for next season and beyond.
Fellaini is keen on joining Arsenal, and we are keen on signing him, but(you knew there would be a but, didnt you) Everton’s £20million valuation on the player seems to be a stumbling block at the moment. Fingers crossed that would be overcome in due time.

This is probably the name on every Arsenal fan’s lips. It’s no secret that a world class striker is the most important thing Arsenal need right now and Higuain fits that description in many ways.
With 16 goals from 19 appearances last season(and with limited random opportunities at that), one can see that his record in Spanish football speaks for itself.
He has been prolific and at 24 years of age, I think it would be an absolute steal if we can manage to procure him at the €20million price tag that Arsenal are offering.
However, Real Madrid president, Perez, has made it clear that they will not sell on the cheap, putting a €30million price tag on the player.
Now that is not the only snag, the current managerial merry-go round going on also complicates things, with Higuain waiting to see if new Madrid manager Ancelotti, has any plans of keeping him and using him more often than Mourinho did.
Fingers crossed on this one, it could be one of those long drawn out sagas that never go our way.

Villa’s faith seems to be in his hands with barca not minding if he stays and continues to be a squad player, but the player wants to play regular football.
With Neymar now a barca player, Villa may well decide to join Arsenal, but whether Arsenal still want to sign him is another question all together.

Let’s hope that Wenger will make the right decisions this summer, but while we do that, have a look at this.

Gk: Cesar
Def: Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
Mid: Arteta, Fellaini, Wilshere
Att: Cazorla, Higuain, Walcott

Subs: Sczesny, Vermaelen, Monreal, Ramsey, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Villa

Others: Podolski, Williams, Coquelin, Sanogo, Grenier, Giroud, Jenkinson, Fabiansky, Gervinho, Miyaichi, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Diaby.

If you have any opinion, feel free to express them in the comment section, but, I think this team is a winner.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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