Arsenal get new Chairman, Keswick


Peter Hillwood retires as Arsenal manager after 31 years.

The Hillwood family is probably one of the longest serving familes in English football as three generations of the family has occupied the arsenal fc chairmanship position for almost 91 years.

First it was Peter’s grand father, and then his father, and finally Peter.

The 77-year old will be replaced by sir Chips Keswick.

Hillwood suffered a heart attack last year and he told the Arsenal website

This has been a difficult decision as Arsenal football club has been a huge part of my life.
Although I am feeling better, I feel this is the right time for me to stand down.
I would like to thank our majority owner, Stan Kroenke for the respectful and dignified way he has handled this and I know sir Chips is the right person to take the club forward.

Keswick, 73, has been on the Arsenal board since 2005 and is a director of the Bank of England.

Keswick said

I am greatly honored to have been appointed chairman of Arsenal football club.
This is one of the greatest clubs in the game recognized and loved by millions. I am looking forward to leading the club to future success.

Whether this will have any effect on our approach to the transfer market this summer, civilized gunner can only speculate. We however urge fans to take it easy and be patient.
Also remember that only Mancity and Fulham have made reasonable signings so far in the premier league.

Twitter is fun, but you could go crazy in there if you believe everything you read.

Follow @civilizedgunner for Facts, and stay alive, it’s a long summer.

Keep hating spurs, that should keep you sane till we sign someone.


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