To remind a heart of true beauty, the champions league final



Twas a night of passion for the world’s most followed sport. A night of reawakening, a night of release, remission, and totality. A night of entertainment in its purest form, a beautiful night, a night of inspiration, a night of power.

I bid you, do not for a second underestimate the immensity of the sheer power which was dissipated at Wembley last night, for if you could not feel it, you have much more to worry about than who won or who lost-for you have lost your sense of feeling, your sense of awareness, your ability to transcend the limitations of this earth and just ascend to a higher place, a place where nothing matters-not your worries, not the fact that you lost your job, not your pain over a romance gone awry-and I guess that’s always been why we watch football…for a night like last night.

I am not a fan of either club, but last night my heart was with BvB and they did not disappoint, not by any means, make no mistake.

From the heroics of Weidenfeller, to the immensity and determination of Hummels, all the way to the precision and audacity of Gundogan and the frustrated efforts of Robert Lewandowski, it was a heroes performance, and though they fell, they did not lose, no, rather the other team won, and that in itself is a testament to their audacity. They possessed the less popular players, they had the lower transfer budget last summer, and yet, there was no noticeable difference on the pitch of play last night, no sir there was not, not one.

Each team had spells of possession, each team had chances to score and each team…….had a great goalkeeper.

And for the BvB fans who were at Wembley last night, you have no reason to cry, you have no reason to regret those long hours spent camping just so you could get a ticket to watch the game, you have no reason to be ashamed, for the world will not look back on this game and say, “Dortmund lost”, they will instead say, “the best final ever”. ’twas a night of great football, one of the greatest.

Let us not in our bias forget to mention the worthy winners. Make no mistake, Bayern did not get away with it, they were not lucky, no….they won because they deserved to win. Like Weidenfeller, Neuer was a Titan in goal, Alaba……the warrior, schweinsteiger…….the stallion, Lahm…..captain fantastic, Mandzukic….the sniper, and Robben…..oh Robben…..elegant and graceful, skillful and sublime, sometimes selfish, sometimes wasteful, but he made the difference, he was the difference, the only difference, and history will remember it.

Safe to say, Pep Guardiola has his work cut out for him, but last night was not about that, ’twas about beauty in its purest form.

Let us not forget the two men at the helm of affairs, like commanders in war.
On one side for the BvB, Jurgen Klopp, and on the side of the champions, Jupp Heynckes.

Last but not the least, as it is so easy for critics to chew referees up game after game, so I know in my heart that it is only right, and just and actually precise to remember Nicola Rizzoli, you sir made a good final even better.

The 2012-2013 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE final took place last night.

Twas a night of passion for the world’s most followed sport.

Uefa man of the match: Arjen Robben

Fan’s man of the match: Manuel Neuer

My man of the match: Roman Weidenfeller.

Enjoy your day.


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