Another successful st. Totteringham’s day


I love it when it all comes together.
Some might lament at how dreadful it is that a team’s fans should celebrate so heartily year in year out over securing the ‘fourth place trophy’, but on the whole, that only makes me even more proud and I’ll tell you why.
Were it Everton, spurs, or even Liverpool that finished in that fourth position, songs of praise would by now be flooding social media and news agencies alike, but it is the arsenal, and the only reason we get all this stick(for qualifying for the champion’s league) is because everyone(yes even spurs fans) unwittingly expect greater things from the Arsenal. We belong at the top and we are going to be back there sooner than they know what hit them.
We beat newcastle 1-0 yesterday at st. James park to secure a place in next year’s champions league, even if it’s only a qualifier spot.
In recent times, we’ve played dynamo Zagreb in 2007 and Napoli in 2011 in champions league qualifiers and on each occasion, we prevailed, though I still remember how scary the Napoli game was.
Whoever we meet this time, I think we can be confident that the gunners will prevail once more.
Of course, Laurent Koscielny was the stand out performer yesterday scoring a great goal well worth it’s weight in gold, and putting in a powerful all round performance. He has been immense since being called up to replace the off-form Vermaelen early this year, and if the club captain, has any plans of ever regaining his position, then he has got to improve, and fast.
Wenger showed a level of wisdom that has been missing from his decisions in recent seasons, with that master stroke, and also the little bump he gave Sczesny, most likely contributed to our great form since losing to spurs in white hart lane.
A lot has happened, and there is a lot to talk about, but on this very special occasion of the day after st. Totteringham’s day, I’ll save all the news for tomorrow, and leave you with the best thing I saw yesterday about the spuds. I mean I saw a lot of great things; images of their fans going wild when they thought Newcastle had scored, Dawson admitting they thought Bale had sealed champion’s league spot for them(all this thoughting), and tons more, but this for me takes the cake(or meat):

# When the Spuds cry,
And they fail to qualify,
Blame lasagna.

They think its a tasty treat,
But it’s really dodgy meat,
Blame lasagna #

Spurs, lol!!!


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