Arsenal 2-2 Liverpool and Nacho Monreal


Sorry I haven’t been so active on this blog for a while.

I’m in a very remote part of the world at the moment where getting an Internet connection is not the easiest task, but still, that’s no excuse.

I owe you, arsenal fans, quality match reports, Arsenal news, and etc (you get the gist) and thats what you’ll be getting, so forgive me and erm….forget. Moving on.

Arsenal played Liverpool at the emirates on Wednesday night, and if you did not watch this match, then you wasted a perfectly beautiful evening doing the wrong thing( no matter what you were doing.)

It was explosive, and blissful to watch. Nerve-racking from start to finish, and had either team won this game, it would have constituted a genuine heart break for the loser. Such was the intensity, and effort displayed through the 90 minutes by both teams that it would pass as one of those games where it is appropriate to say that a draw was a fair result.


Arsenal started well, and tried to hold possession, but just after 5 minutes, a flurry/comedy/tragedy of errors saw us go a goal down.
Suarez gave a somewhat lethargic pass that Sagna should have dealt with, but he slipped allowing Johnson to get the ball and run towards the box on our right flank. A poor cross was delivered, which Vermaelen should have dealt with, but he mis-kicked, the ball fell to Sturridge, who was one on one with Sczesny. Sczesny did well to block his attempt on goal. Ramsey had a chance to then finally clear the ball, but he decided instead to flick it sublimely to Downing, and it finally ended up with Suarez who tried a shot, and an arsenal defender deflected it into the goal post.

There was a bit of comedy as well to liverpool’s second goal, which came in the 60th minute.
Henderson just easily dribbled between Mertesacker and Santos, got into the box, tried his shot, and again Sczesny did well to block, but the ball bounced awkwardly off Santos and came back to Henderson, who now only had an empty goal post to target.

IT probably should have been game over at this point, but Someone switched off the famous Arsenal “self-destruct” button, and we turned on the heat from that point onwards.

There was a shot for Ramsey that could have been a goal, another from Poldi, and then in the 63rd minute, Lucas fouled an arsenal player.
Wilshere took the free kick well and Olivier beat everyone to the ball to nod it home.

it didn’t end there. Less than 150 seconds later we were level.

Cazorla’s sublime pass found Giroud in the box, and the scorer of the first goal turned provider, as his perfectly controlled one-touch pass found Theo, and Theo finished with a hell of a shot that left Reina dumbfounded and motionless.
This image from www.whoscored.comis worth a look.


we had several other chances to win the game but it was not to be.
It ended honors even, but it was one thriller of a match reminiscent of the 4-4 we played with them in which Arshavin scored all four for us.

It seems like we’ve developed a bad habit of playing well only when we go down by a goal or two.
We saw it against Chelsea, man city, and even west ham.
This for me is a mental problem, and it’s the manager’s job to deal with that.
We have the players (maybe not the bench) to finish in the top four, but something has to be done about the defensive side of things……which brings me to the big story of the day: ARSENAL HAVE SIGNED A LEFT BACK.

Arsenal completed the signing of Nacho Monreal, the Former Malaga left back and faxed the necessary documents to the F.A 15 minutes before transfer deadline day ended, yesterday.
The fee is rumored to be In the region of £8.5million.
This represents the only winter signing done by the gunners.
I am glad we are not going to have to stick with Santos during Gibbs’ injury period,(which could be greater that the 3 weeks being reported, knowing Gibbs.) BUT I must confess that I’m really disappointed that we failed to get a striker into the squad.

We lack depth in that department however you look at it, and if the fact that we had no striker on the bench against Liverpool doesn’t drive home that point, then I wonder what will.

Benik Afobe is back from loan, but are we seriously going to thrust a premier league novice into action should Giroud go injured suddenly, and expect anything more than lethargy from him? That would be unfair in my oppinion.

He needs experience still, and even if he were to be gradually integrated into the first team setup, I don’t think that now that we are genuinely fighting for a top four place is the right time to do that.

Right. That’s all I have to say for today.
Our next match is against Stoke city and with Gibbs out and Santos, not to be trusted, we are certain to get an early taste of what dis Monreal dude is all about.



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