Chelsea 2-1Arsenal: I wept over squad depth


I was impressed by Arsenal’s performance in the second half of the game.
But a two goal deficit???…… How did we get to that point?

It wasn’t unassailable by any means but it was always going to be difficult to equalize, talk less of winning the game, especially when you consider the fact that we had no striker on the bench.

Who is to blame? Wenger, the board, or the weather(if we decide to go along with the excuse that Podolski and the Ox were both a bit under it)

That’s for you to answer, I’m not here to point fingers.

Chelsea’s first goal came in the 5th minute, just one minute after Giroud missed a perfect opportunity to put us ahead. Walcott gave him an inch perfect through ball, but the French striker could only shoot wide. When you look at the replay, the tactical awareness shown by Giroud to beat the offside trap was magical, but he just couldn’t put the ball into the net. I was unfortunately reminded of that ungrateful Dutch bloke, he would have snapped that one up in 20 different ways.

Seconds after the Giroud miss, RAMIREZ(i shall refer to him as the RAM from this point) fouled Coquelin but the referee ignored it and allowed play to go on. The ram passed to Cahill who gave an over the top pass to Juan Mata, Sagna tried to cover up but the sleek spaniard finished in style to put Chelsea a goal ahead.

In the 16th minute, the RAM again showed his Ramishness by dispossessing Diaby in the midfield (fairly I must confess) but he then finished the move off by diving inside the box under no challenge from Sczesny. The blind ref again made the wrong decision and gave a penalty which Frank Lampard converted comfortably.

The second half was a completely different ball game. Arsenal changed tactics, switching to what looked like a 4-3-3 with Walcott pulling wide, Diaby pushing forward, and Coquelin playing in DM alone. Cazorla was also allowed to roam all over the pitch instead of being confined to the left of midfield as he was in the first half.

It paid off. Cazorla let Theo loose in the 58th minute with a well threaded through pass. Walcott dispatched with class, and it was surely going to be a nail biting half hour left for Chelsea fans to endure. With all the momentum on our side, and Chelsea cowed into showing their true color (bland defensive nature) it was only a matter of time for the equalizer to come.

IT DIDN’T. We had long spells of possession, several nearlys and countless corner kicks in the final minutes of the game, but it was not to be. And so it ended: Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal.

I was so disappointed, but not by the players. I was disappointed by the FACT that there was no single player on the bench that could realistically make a difference.

Chelsea were anxious, and scared. All we needed was to bring in someone that could make a difference, someone that would instill even more fear, someone that could score a goal, but all we had was…… Ramsey, and Arshavin. SAD.

The painful thing is, there was no striker on the bench at all…..and still Wenger refuses to buy???……WHY?

I’ll pay anybody that can give me a reasonable reason why Wenger acts the way he does, why he is so stubborn, why he is so rigid…..I can think of a million other whys but what’s the point, Wenger is not likely to change because of me, or you or anybody else.

It is also worthy to note that Walcott’s performance remarkably improved in the second half when he moved wide to the right wing.
Which suites him better? Central, or wide?

For me, it’s definitely wide. He can always drift in from there and get all the goals he wants.

And that’s all I’m willing to write today.

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