Swansea vs Arsenal preview+ my father’s dream


Today’s game:
Swansea city vs Arsenal

Liberty stadium

Kickoff: 14:30 GMT
Thats 2:30pm Naija time

Today, I shall attempt to do something most arsenal bloggers avoid… I shall predict the outcome of this match. Well, actually, not only bloggers avoid this. Pretty much every arsenal fan errs on the side of caution when it comes to predicting arsenal games these days, because about the only thing predictable about arsenal of recent is thier unpredictability. Hehehe.

I can state with 100% certainty that arsenal will knock out Swansea city today. Infact, I am so sure of this that I have decided to bet my life savings on this premise.

By now you must be absolutely perplexed, wondering what gave this young man such suicidal confidence. Wonder no more my friend, for I shall divulge the secret of my futuristic knowledge to you. It is simple………. MY FATHER’S DREAM.

Yes, my dad is famous(among my family members) for his arsenal dreams. He’s been an arsenal fan for as long as I can remember and anytime he dreams that arsenal will win, arsenal will win. Well perhaps he gets it wrong a few times, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that today he is absolutely sure that his dream last night indicates an arsenal win, and that’s more than enough for me.

That dream totally changed today’s blog. I had in mind that we were going to play out an 8-8 draw and then replay the game in the emirates, play another 8-8, end up in penalties, and stay there for a long time because neither team would miss any, till Giroud got fed up and scored a penalty with his head…..that would end the game for sure. I know what you must be thinking right now, ‘this guy must be crazy’ and maybe I am, but it’s the inconsistency and unpredictability of this arsenal team that gives me these crazy ideas.

To be serious;
I don’t know which arsenal team will turn up today.
It could be good arsenal (thrashed Newcastle 7-3)
It could be bad arsenal (played 1-1 with Southampton)
It could even be ugly arsenal( was losing 4-0 to reading in capital one cup but equalized and won 7-5 only to be knocked out by Bradford in the next round)
And if you’re not as confused as I am, then u must be God.

We might see some rotation today.
I hope Jenkinson starts ahead of Sagna. Mertesacker could play alongside Koscielny with Vermaelen given a rest, and perhaps Giroud could start in center of attack.

Preferred line up:
Jenkinson. Koscielny. Mertesacker. Gibbs
Arteta. Wilshere. Cazorla
Walcott. Giroud. Rosicky.

Who knows, maybe Wenger will remember Rosicky is still alive today. Just maybe.

In terms of TRANSFERS…. Nothing has happened as regards to ins, and nothing is in the pipeline, just rumors that I have no energy to give a damn about today.

As regards to outs, Djouroo(hope I spelt that right) and Chamakh have both gone out on loan to Hannover and West ham respectively.

Opta Facts

This will be the fourth FA Cup tie between Swansea and Arsenal, but the first since 1968.

Swansea won the first meeting between the sides in 1926 but have since lost the last two.

The Jacks have won their last two Premier League matches against Arsenal, 2-0 at the Emirates in December and 3-2 at the Liberty Stadium last January.

In 19 previous FA Cup ties with teams from the same division, Swansea have progressed just four times and on neither occasion in the last three years.

Arsenal haven’t failed to make the Fourth Round of the FA Cup since 1996.


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