Southampton 1-1 Arsenal + transfer update


– match analysis
– Walcott to extend contract?
– transfer news
An embattled arsenal side (of their own making) could not continue their awesome run of form with a performance at Southampton.

There are matches that you draw, and then you tell yourself: “well at least we tried. We hit the bar a dozen times, scored six goals that were given as offside, and had 4 clear penalty claims denied.”

When this happens, everybody understands, the fans know you gave 100%, and you go home knowing you were unlucky but good. ‘s**t happens.’

This was not the case on Tuesday. Arsenal were lethargic and made Southampton feel, look, we may actually get something from this game.

I made up my mind that I won’t single out any player(s) for blame, but it is impossible not to mention Bacary Sagna. He played like a battered boxer that couldn’t find his way to his corner after the bell rung, and instead waltzed deliriously to the opponents corner where he received more battering. And this is an understatement.

His passing was miserable but so was that of all the other players. The fact that Sczesny was voted man of the match on should tell you all you need to know about the individual performances.

In the first five to ten minutes of the game, arsenal passed well and I thought, Southampton are in for a bashing. The home team at that point seemed content to defend and absorb pressure, but as the game wore on, they got some impetus to put on some pressure and attack.

The more we passed slowly and moved poorly, the more they grew in confidence, and felt encouraged to attack, and inevitably the goal came in the 35th minute.

Sagna made a mess of an easy clearance(very easy) and Gaston Ramirez did well to capitalize. He struck the ball well from fairly close range and beat Sczesny with ease.

Our game didn’t really improve after the goal, but six minutes later, arsenal had a free kick. Walcott looped it into the box and Guly Do Prado was there to score the own goal. Perhaps he could have done better but had he not touched the ball, Koscielny was there to finish it off. Either way, It was the dangerous nature of the free kick that brought about that goal and full credit to Theo for that.

Earlier in the day, I watched Man u thrash Wigan, and I couldnt help but notice how the man u players started playing shots from anywhere when they noticed that Al Habsi was having a very bad day.

In our case, Boruc, the saints goalkeeper made some ridiculous errors in the beginning of the game( he looked like a man that had had too much to drink for new year’s eve) but arsenal did not capitalize on this by attempting shots. In fact we played only one shot on target in this match and it’s unacceptable for Arsenal football club. Something has got to change and fast

It’s impossible to really understand where the problem is from…..some say the manager’s got to go, some say the board is bad, and some even blame it on the fact that Ramsey is still an arsenal player but whatever the truth is, we can’t ignore the obvious fact which is: WE LACK DEPTH.I mean if a manager brings in Gervinho and Ramsey in the 74th minute of a game we so desperately had to win as impact subs, then it shows just how poor our bench really is.

That said, I find it hard to understand why Rosicky was not used in this match. If he wasn’t fit enough, then why put him on the bench?

Wenger frustrates me and that’s where I’ll stop.

In other news,
Theo Walcott has reopened talks with Arsenal over extending his contract and it seems a deal may well be in the offing. There’s a witty piece on Arseblog about that, so you can just click the link and have a laugh.

Rumor also has it that Arsenal have tabled a £10million bid for Athletico Madrid striker Adrian Lopez, so we will just keep an eye on that one, and fingers crossed, we eventually sign him.

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Have a great one.


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