Happy new year and Southampton preview


This is the first Ever post of this weblog. Happy new year folks. We have some Southampton stuff to talk about so let’s just get right straight to it.
-arsenal tackle Southampton today away from home
-the gunners have won four of their last four games. Will they make it five from five?
Walcott says:

“I’m going to wrap myself in bubble wrap for the next few days”

in anticipation of his famous return to his former club
– arsenal to sign Adrian Lopez?
– Santi’s fabulous 2012

This is a match that every gunner would look forward to, on the back of our 7-3 thrashing of the magpies.

The gunners seem to have found some sort of form (I hope) after winning their last four matches. I’m almost certain that Wenger will make no changes to the side that so drubbed Newcastle three days ago.

The question is will they still be fresh enough to get the job done. I personally feel there will be a few tired legs and I go with the consensus that Giroud should start in center forward, with Walcott on the right, replacing The Ox.

Chamberlain has had a decent run of form recently but perhaps a rest will do him some good at this point. That being said, I also believe Cazorla should get a little break with Rosicky filling in for him, but knowing Arsene, Rosicky will probably not even come off the bench today.

In DM, Coquelin could deputies for Arteta and perhaps Jenkinson could rest Sagna. My starting 11 of choice would be:
Jenkinson. Koscielny. Vermaelen. Gibbs.

Coquelin. Wilshere. Cazorla.

Walcott. Giroud. Podolski.

As I said, Wenger will be reluctant to make any changes from our last game and this could well be due to a lack of confidence in those players. Ramsey hasn’t had a great season so far, Arshavin doesn’t make the bench these days and lets face the truth, there are really not many options to choose from.
That last paragraph brings me to the next issue: TRANSFERS

The window is open now, and I hope our routing of NUFC will not give Wenger the impetus to buy no body as he so often does.

I’ve spent many cold and lonely nights on newsnow in the past waiting for news of someone we have signed….. And then i finally see a headline suggesting a deal has been done.
Enthusiastically I click the link, only to be greeted with some story about a 12 year old prodigy named Vince junkrubbish or whatever.

I’m not saying investing in youth isn’t great and blah blah blah, but right now, this squad needs some proven talent to relieve the work load off Arteta, Cazorla, and others who play every week and who may all well be in danger of the fabled red zone.

I will not make mention of any players we should buy because if I do, Wenger will see it, and deliberately not buy them, just to spite me.

When Alex Ferguson described Vanpersie as the final piece of the jig saw puzzle, it made me wonder how many more pieces we would need to complete ours. Certainly not one. Perhaps three or four.

In other news:
Walcott says something about bubble wraps and what nots.
And, Cazorla describes his amazing 2012

So you can just click on the links to read those.

I have to go and buy fuel now to power my generator set and watch today’s game in case there is no power by that time.

Have your self a happy new year folks.



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